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The Friends of the Finnish Labour Temple is a not-for-profit organization based in Thunder Bay.

The mandate of the organization is to celebrate and promote the history and cultural legacy of Finnish immigration to Canada through education, research, creation and dissemination.

Our goal is to provide resources to researchers, students, and artists to enable them to contribute to the celebration and promotion of the Finnish immigration to Canada.

Our primary objectives are to promote:

  • Research using primary documents, archives, and/or artifacts connected to the history and cultural legacy of Finnish immigration to Canada to academic researchers.
  • Education through the provision of scholarships to graduate students who engage in academic research connected to Finnish immigration to Canada and its cultural legacy.
  • The creation of high quality media and performing arts in the form of reports, books, articles, websites, plays, films, or music that reflect the mandate of the Friends of the Finnish Labour Temple.

The Friends of the Finnish Labour Temple consists of an appointed board of directors responsible for decisions regarding all activities and an advisory committee that can be called upon to assist in decision-making. The organization is open to anyone interested in becoming a friend through donation to the capital fund used to fulfill our mandate.

Friends may join with a contribution of as little as $50.00.

Friends receive electronic updates on the organization’s activities and special invitations to events.

Founding Board of Directors

Ms. Kelly Saxberg – President

Dr. Ronald Harpelle – Treasurer

Dr. Nathan Hatton – Secretary

Dr. Michel Beaulieu – Vice-President



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